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Why do we need a new arena?

The current arena was built in 1979 and is considered “functionally obsolete” due to its age and condition. 

Why can’t the current arena just be renovated?

There are challenges that simply cannot be fixed, such as: 

  • Inadequate rigging capacity for larger events 
  • Poor sightlines from permanent seating positions 
  • Limited operational flexibility – i.e., few options for arranging the stage and seats, which severely limits the number and types of shows and events we can host 
  • Inadequate number, size, and quality of restrooms, locker rooms, and performer dressing areas. 
  • Lack of adjacent outdoor civic space 

Renovations would require millions of dollars to upgrade or replace most of the current systems need major renovations, including mechanical (HVAC), electrical, and plumbing. Other interior and exterior renovations needed include concessions, food service, roof, and parking lot needs. 

With new Construction connecting the buildings we get many operational efficiencies: common state of art kitchen, loading dock for both venues, common box office, management office with access to both venues, and community spaces. New construction also allows for diversification of revenue that will go to operations and maintenance of the complex.  

How many seats will be in the new arena?

The new arena will have up to 10,500 seats. For comparison, the current arena has approximately 7,000 seats.

Will the arena be available for community groups?

The new arena will be a place for everyone in Augusta. Meeting rooms, a new state-of-the-art ballroom, and rooftop terraces provide an array of options for community groups, college reunions, annual fundraisers, corporate parties.

I don’t go to the current arena. How will a new one benefit me?


The financial return will benefit everyone! In a 30-year timeframe, the new Arena and Entertainment Complex are expected to generate: 

  • $1.6 billion in direct, indirect, and induced spending
  • $718 million in new earnings
  • 600 new jobs
  • $50 million from sales, hotel, and beverage taxes
Will this compete with the convention center?

No. In fact, the new Arena will be quite complimentary to the convention center by boosting the types and sizes of venues we have to offer. 


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The new Arena has been carefully planned with thoughtful consideration taken at every phase.  

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